Friday, 24 April 2015

SkyTech UAV

Today I attended the SkyTech 2015 trade show for UAV users, manufacturers and regulators. The show was smaller than the annual Commercial UAV Show, but was a good excuse to get a first look at some of the latest technology, upcoming regulations and some more ideas on how this growing industry can be put to use.

Speakers ranged from the law makers CAA, suppliers HeliGuy to users and trainers such as DroneFlight.

The show was well attended by many businesses, split in half by those involved in surveying and those who use UAVs for photographic and media purposes.

Now that's a drone!

Having passed my UAV theory test for commercial flying, I intend to use a multi-rotor for aerial inspections, 3D modelling and aerial surveys. There only remains the small matter of writing an Operations Manual (similar to a combined Risk Assessment/Method Statement) and a practical examination.

If nothing else today, I got some free pens..!

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