Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Expansion Joint Repairs

Hammersmith Flyover is over 600m long and built in two halves with a thermal joint in the middle - actually 6/15th's of the way along from West to East. The expansion joint allows the concrete bridge to "grow" and "shrink" as the bridge temperature changes. During a 24 hour period, the gap at the centre can be 10 to 20mm smaller at night than during the day and over 100mm different between Summer and Winter.

Anyone who has driven over the flyover recently, and especially anyone living nearby, will know that there is a temporary plate covering the joint. This causes cars to have to slow down and makes a loud noise each time a car or lorry passes over it.

Covering over the old expansion joint
Temporary cover and ramp
The temporary covers, which are on hinges, allow works to progress underneath by enabling the plates to be lifted at night, the old concrete to be removed and then being lowered again for normal daytime traffic.

Old and broken out concrete
Surveying the expansion gap
The remedial works are now almost complete and the new expansion joint (a large steel plate with interlocking teeth) to ready to be set into position in the next two weeks.

Once the "steel combs" have been concreted into position, the old covers and temporary Tarmac ramps will be removed and some fresh Tarmac can be laid at the final road level. Job done.

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  1. That's a good news to hear! I'm really impressed with how you accomplished the repair. By the way, any thoughts about the most affordable expansion joints brands in the Philippines?