Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Steel, Website & UAVs

With the flyover at Hammersmith now complete, I have been fortunate to start work as a site engineer with a steel erection company.  28-32 Chancery Lane is a nine storey office development in the heart of London's legal district.

Arriving on site in mid-September, the demolition of the original building to occupy the site was complete and the basement slab was almost finished.

Steel frame erection
With a retained façade and existing adjacent buildings just millimetres away, the installation of the perimeter steelwork has been a challenge.  It is apparent that previous surveys have been carried out to determine the location of these walls and only minor adjustments of the designed structure have been necessary (so far).

Is it bad luck to walk under a tripod?
The website is now complete and is now live.  This is a showcase of my own Limited Company and the services that I am able to provide as a freelance engineering surveyor.

In October, I successfully passed my Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) flight examination, which means that I am now able to apply for a Permit for Aerial Work to fly "drones" commercially in the UK.  This is the culmination of nearly seven months work involving a two-day aviation ground school (with exam), writing an Operations Manual which covers all aspects of the procedures and safety whilst flying the UAV and also acquiring sufficient flying hours and practice.

DJI Inspire 1 during training

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